Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Updated May 2023)


All hire goods to remain the property of Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd (‘OOE’), Unit 2, Cornwall Gold, New Portreath Road, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 4HN, throughout the hire period duration and transportation.

The usual Out Of The Ordinary Events (‘OOE’) hire period is 1-4 days. Additional days may be added at an additional cost, subject to availability. Please contact us to discuss this further. Additional items that are required after the final payment will be accommodated if possible.

All hire items should only be used for their intended purposes. Out Of The Ordinary Events will not be held liable for any accident or injury that is deemed to occur through misuse, such examples include improper transportation and unsuitable packaging.

All packing cartons, boxes, lids and packaging materials remain the property of Out of The Ordinary Events and are to be returned at the end of the hire period.

All hire prices quoted on the website are excluding VAT and all orders are subject to VAT at the current rate.

The service we provide is for hire only, we deliver and unload the hire items at a pre-agreed time and place. The set-up and layout are the hirer’s responsibility, not OOE’s. Unless booked in with our styling packages. Similarly, upon an agreed time for collection, all hire equipment (including garden games) must be cleaned, packed up and in one area ready to load. This means that items must be wrapped if appropriate and packed into the supplied boxes. Failure to do this will result in a flat rate charge of £50, which will be taken from the damage deposit.

Booking Fees, Damage Deposits & Payment

A non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the total hire charge, including the damage deposit and delivery charges and VAT (if appropriate), is required to secure the booking with OOE. The 50% fee covers ongoing operational costs, the administration carried out prior to and throughout the booking, and maintenance of equipment and packaging.

Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. If this is not possible please contact us to arrange a payment alternative.

The full balance and damage deposit are required 14 days before the event. If you are hiring items that are ‘numbers specific’, such as china, charger plates, cutlery etc, we understand that these may fluctuate between making the initial booking and the event. We are happy to accommodate a change in numbers up to 30 days prior to the event, of up to 10% each way (subject to availability for increases). Prior to 30 days before your event, we would kindly request that if you know that your numbers have changed, you let us know so that we can adjust your booking and possibly accommodate another client who may otherwise have missed out.

If OOE has not received payment in full 14 days prior to the event despite reminders, OOE reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain the non-refundable holding deposit. For last-minute bookings, separate payment terms will be discussed and arranged as appropriate.

If OOE has agreed to source items to hire for your event, OOE requires payment in full for these items before purchasing or making them. Cancellation or a reduction in numbers for these items cannot be accommodated.

Where a discretionary refundable damage deposit of 20% has been charged, it will be returned once everything has been checked and deemed to be in good condition. The damage deposit will be returned to the hirer via bank transfer as soon as possible after the event. We aim to do this within 3 weeks, but at busier times this can sometimes take a bit longer.

Where candlesticks, candle holders, and lanterns have been hired, we reserve the right to apply a damage deposit of up to 20% to cover any excessive cleaning required due to the deposit of melted wax. If a damage deposit has not been paid, but candlesticks and candle holders are returned to us covered in wax, we reserve the right to charge an ‘excess cleaning charge’. We kindly request that non-drip, slow-burn candles are used and if you would like any help or advise on sourcing these, please do not hesitate to ask.

Damages & Loss

Any breakages in transit (where we have delivered) or shortfall in numbers received should be notified to us BEFORE the event begins. In such instances, we will endeavour to rectify the situation if we can. We strongly advise ordering a few extra of the key items to mitigate this and to save unnecessary stress and additional delivery. This is particularly advisable if your venue is a long distance from our base.

Any breakages or damage to hire items or packing cartons, lids etc. will either be deducted from the applied damage deposit or invoiced for after the event. In the event of any damages totalling more than the applied damage deposit then we will invoice the hirer for the full replacement value, less the damage deposit paid. Out Of The Ordinary Events are happy to provide a replacement value for the items you are hiring at the time of booking if requested.

Please follow our guidelines for the terms of the hire…

  • Please do not stand or dance on any of our items.
  • Please do not place drinks on props, particularly the giant letters.
  • Please ensure only non-drip, slow-burn candles are used in all of our lanterns, candlesticks and candelabra – failure to do so will result in an excess cleaning charge being applied.
  • Please ensure that the labelled packing boxes, lids and packaging materials are retained and stored appropriately.

Please ensure that caterers and their staff are aware of the following: that all crockery, charger plates, cutlery and glassware is rinsed of excess food and drink, (do not put any of our items through the dishwasher) prior to being packed in their packing boxes – failure to do so will result in an excess cleaning charge being applied.

Please ensure that charger plates are stacked carefully in the boxes provided with the inserts in-between each charger plate.
Please do not leave ANYTHING outside overnight and/or in the rain (this can cause irreparable damage and if so, will be charged at full loss rate).

Wash Up Service

We do not charge to wash-up crockery, charger plates, cutlery and glassware, however we do kindly request that all the items listed are rinsed of any excess food prior to repacking. Failure to do so will incur a discretionary charge which will be invoiced after the event. Food and drink can damage the items, they may also require soaking and/or additional cleaning that will incur greater time. Some foods can stain, especially if they contain colour additives, oils or acids, such as turmeric, balsamic vinegar or lemon. OOE requests that your catering team are made aware of the above, so that they can ensure that items are rinsed as soon as possible after use.

Cancellations & Refunds 

Cancellations or significant reductions in hire order values mean that other clients may have missed out on the opportunity to hire and we lose out on planned revenue. As many wedding clients tend to book months and often years in advance, the opportunity to re-hire items at short notice is unlikely.

Please note that the 50% booking fee is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. If you wish to cancel all or part of your order prior to 3 calendar months before your event, 50% of the total hire value will be charged. Cancellations up to 1 calendar month before your event will be charged at 75% and for cancellations within 1 calendar month of the event date, the full amount will be charged.

Due to the complex and unpredictable nature of Covid-19, Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd have seen fit to, where reasonably possible, relax the previous terms and conditions as set out during the initial booking for our existing clients.

Holding or Rescheduling your Wedding 

Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd will happily discuss the postponing and rescheduling of your wedding to a new date within the same calendar year (2022), at no extra cost, if it is not possible for your wedding to go ahead due to unforeseen problems, a Covid-19 lockdown or a maximum mass gathering restriction imposed by the English government. Should the above occur we advise speaking to your venue and other suppliers at the earliest opportunity to agree a new mutually convenient date. PLEASE CONSULT WITH US BEFORE CONFIRMING YOUR NEW DATE.

Failure to do so, may mean that we are already booked and can no longer supply the items you have already booked with us, which is not a good situation for either party.

All rescheduling of weddings will be on a first come first served basis and Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd reserves the right to refuse this booking should the items you require not be available for your revised date. We will of course do our best to accommodate a date change request and if your initially requested items are not available, we are happy to substitute or as a last resort refund if a suitable substitution cannot be agreed upon, however we are legally allowed to retain costs incurred for things such as meetings and administration carried out. If you wish to see a list of administration fees, please contact us.

Any change of date requests must be actioned within a 60-day deadline, otherwise Out of The Ordinary Events LTD reserves the right to treat the booking as a voluntary cancellation, however, new event dates can be for any future date and any deposit payments carried forward to future dates if we have availability to do so.

Please note that changes to the venue may incur an increased delivery charge if it is further than the original venue.

If you are moving your wedding to 2023 and beyond, OOE have implemented a stepped administration fee in order to do so. The fee covers proposed price increases, likely increases to ongoing business costs and other such expenses. The fee scale is as follows:

For bookings with a total hire value up to £250 – £25 For bookings with a total hire value up to £1000 – £35 For bookings with a hire value in excess of £1000 – £50.

Reduction in numbers/reduction of hire items required 

If you are still able to proceed with your wedding, but you must reduce your numbers to align with any English government restrictions on mass gatherings, or because of guests having to self-isolate, Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd will amend the total order balance accordingly. This is within reason, for example, reductions to place settings, centrepieces and table décor items due to a reduction in the number of tables required. In this eventuality, previous T&C’s regarding timings and reductions and any associated financial penalties will be wavered by Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd.

Please note that in some cases we will have agreed to purchase or make new stock at the time of the initial booking and this may result in a cost to be transferred to a reduced booking regardless of revised numbers.

Cancellation by Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd

If in the unlikely event that Out Of The Ordinary Events is unable to provide all or part of the contracted hire service for one of the following reasons:

– Illness to staff or severe illness staff family members
– Problems with our supply chain (where we have agreed to source items specifically for a client)
– An enforced lockdown specific to our business location, TR16. Please note that our building is in a shared complex, so although this should not affect OOE solely regards current bookings, it will impact our open hours and showroom appointments.
– A lockdown that is county or area-specific meaning that the event is still able to go ahead but we are not able to deliver outside of a region or county. For example, as we are Cornwall based if Cornwall is locked down but Devon is not.
– Hire items have been hired and due to imposed lockdowns, illness or self-isolation, the previous client has been unable to return the items to us in time for the next hire. – We are unable to accommodate a new date due to stock levels.

Where we are unable to provide the contracted service in full, i.e., the event is still going ahead as planned but we are unable to fulfil the hire for one of the above reasons, we will call the clients in question at the earliest opportunity. We will also endeavour to speak to the venue and other suppliers to see if there is any way that we can resolve the issue among ourselves. If we are unable to resolve this, we will refund any monies paid in full as soon as possible.

In certain circumstances we may only be able to provide a ‘part service’, i.e., items we were due to purchase for an event have not arrived in time or manufacturing has stopped or been delayed for a product, or items previously hired have not been returned or collected on time due to illness, lockdowns etc. In this scenario, we will call to discuss this with our clients at the earliest opportunity. We will endeavour to source the items or similar from our network of supplier friends in the industry, or we may offer an alternative that either we or the other supplier can offer. If we are unable to supply or source the items and no alternative is available or suitable, we will refund the portion of the hire that is affected.

In the above scenario, if we have agreed to deliver and collect and the part-hire causes the hire value to fall below the delivery threshold, we will still honour the agreement to deliver and collect as per the agreement.

If we were previously contracted to deliver and collect the items but we are unable to do so due to illness, we may ask one of our support network or supplier friends to undertake the delivery on our behalf. If this is the case, we will contact you to discuss this at the earliest opportunity.


Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd takes no responsibility in the event of any injury to any party through breakages of any equipment or any other accident during the hire period. We take no responsibility for any claims that arise from any event concerning or involving items hired from Out Of The Ordinary Events Ltd

On booking and paying the 50% booking fee, the hirer is agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.