An introduction to our new website

Yessssss! Finally!

After the busiest 1st season we could have ever imagined, we are very proud to be launching our beautiful new website. The biggest shout out has to go to the guys, Sam & Edd, from Shape + Letter based in Exeter. Right from the start they just ‘got it’, they listened to everything we said and managed to marry both of our sometimes very differing tastes into one perfect style. We were impressed with their relaxed, professional manner and not least their expertise. Second shout out to the lovely and talented photographer Helen Court, who I must of apologised to at least every 5 minutes for the fact that taking catalogue shots against a white background must be so boring for her!

Having had such a busy 2017, we have struggled to catalogue our ever expanding hire stock and were completely gobsmacked at the end at just how much ‘stuff’ we have! It’s been frustrating for us knowing that we have some lovely new things that haven’t been hiring because we haven’t had the time to get the on the old website and work on the new website as well – so apologies if you are reading this and now realise that we did in fact have those gorgeous lanterns that you have been searching high and low for!

Without getting too techy (as I’m likely to trip myself up if I try to), the new site has some cool features such as being able to pin our hire items to you Pinterest board – perfect for putting together that dream wedding board, even if you aren’t even engaged yet! There is also a ‘wish list’ function whereby you can add the items you are interested in hiring to a ‘basket’ and then when you are finished, send it off to us for us to be able to provide a quote from. Finally, when viewing items, if you hover the cursor over the catalogue photo, a styled photo will appear to the side (if available). More of these will get added in time, but the aim of this is to be able to show you how the item looks in situ and to show coordinating items.

So as you can tell, it’s all been well worth the wait!

We are so excited and all set for a busy summer season and beyond…

P.S. Did you know that we won the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at The Wedding Industry Awards 2018 and we also won a ‘Highly Commended’ award for our category!